Music @ Holy Cross

Here at Holy Cross, we boast a wide variety of musical styles. We enjoy the musical talents of two organists who are employed and work on a rota system, resulting in few cover issues.

We encourage children who attend the celebration services to praise God through music, recognising that no one is too young to pick up a maraca.image24

The variety of music in the Church allows for different styles of worship and gives our congregations a chance to worship our Lord in a way that is appropriate for them; as well as providing the opportunity for them to try different ways.

Our congregation includes members who are musically talented and all are welcomed to take part in leading worship, encouraging variety and fellowship. Music and song enriches all of our lives

image25The small choir take part in our Sunday service and for festival services, not only leading the congregation but also singing psalms and anthems, as well as leading the music during communion. A few years ago we made the bold decision to move  our choir out of the more traditional robes and into a more relaxed clothing of trousers, polo shirts and fleeces embossed with the church logo.