Holy Cross Church’s Mission Statement is: “The Parish Church of the Holy Cross, Bilbrook is here to encourage and enable all people to recognise and celebrate God’s unconditional love for them and the World by being a welcoming church at the heart of the community.”

Two years ago we invited our congregation to have an open discussion about the life, worship and outreach of the church. We asked them to look at work that we currently did well, and deservedly give themselves a pat on the back. We also asked them to look at the areas where they felt that we were currently falling short. The outcome of this discussion let to the drafting of our 42 point Mission Action Plan.

At the core of our mission are the Themes of Growth:

  • Discovering the heart of God

  • New disciples

  • New generations

  • Transforming Communities

  • Growing in generosity in everything we do.

  • Youth Work

image44Our latest Mission Action Plan has been developed with these themes in mind and is to be continually developed and actioned by the Parochial Church Council and the Panels to identify our short, medium and long term mission strategy.

The PCC and its Panels have taken the Mission Action Plan and are prioritising items of work to achieve some short term goals. Examples of the initiatives we are currently looking at are:

Congregational Fellowship Groups – We are currently finalising the details of the Fellowship Groups. It is our hope that by bringing the congregation together in smaller, more social groups, they will support each other and may be more willing to work together, and more readily share their thoughts on the church’s mission in an informal atmosphere.

Develop Worship Leader Team – We are hoping to start a series of services on Sunday evenings where we can encourage members of the congregation to preach a short sermon. Our aim is that we can empower a small group of people to consider their ministry to God and hopefully develop their ministry further.

image46Single Parent Social Group – October 2012 saw our first social event. The aim is to give single parents and their children a social venue close to home.

Increase number of Weddings – To help us publicise the importance of a Christian marriage we are planning a wedding fair for February 2013 to be held in church and involve many of the local businesses who could be utilised for that most special of days.

Mission and Action have to be planned well to achieve a successful ministry. Through the Parochial Church Council, its Panels and constant monitoring and evolving of the Mission Action Plan, Holy Cross Church aims to achieve its goals.