Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

It is of deep regret that as of today, 17th March, the Church of England has given the advice, following guidance for the government, that all public worship be suspended until further notice.

This means that there will be no weekday or Sunday services at Holy Cross, or other activities, for the foreseeable future.

While this is incredibly sad, we must remember that gathered or scattered, we are still the church, and that worship is about what we do with every moment of our lives, not just what happens when we go to church on Sunday.

These are challenging times for us all and the uncertainty around this disease has given rise to much fear and anxiety in the community and we will certainly feel fearful and concerned for ourselves and our loved ones.

When we feel there is nothing more we can do, we can pray, for all who are infected and affected, for medical and emergency services, for all who can’t stockpile food and provisions, for those who can’t work from home and for those who are isolated and lonely. And let us see this crisis as an opportunity to widen our compassion, as we put our trust more deeply into the love of Christ who is the one whose love casts out all fear and to deepen our love for our neighbour.

We are working on resources with which we can worship at home, and are looking to offer a pattern of worship that will sustain us during this time, and we will link to these resources here.

Let us pray, love and care for one another.

In Christ.